Automation Equipment


PHD Inc. founded in 1957, is a leading manufacturer of industrial automation actuators. The wide product range consists of Escapements, Grippers, Linear Slides, Rotary Actuators, Clamps, Multi-motion Actuators, Switches and Sensors. These actuators offer unique options built to custom designs. They assist in applications such as push, pull, lift, rotate, turn, grip, reach, clamp, hold, position, escape, insert, load & unload, pick & place in various process industries like material handling, testing, quality control, assembly, welding, packaging, etc.

Pic - 1 Position Synchronized Rail Gripper - addresses applications where space, precision and jaw location is required

Pic - 2  Parallel Gripper with Centralized Manifold

  • Field repairable, Rugged jaw & body construction
  • Withstands high impact and shock loads
  • Double Acting for Internal or External gripping applications
  • Compact size ideal for handling small parts in confined spaces

Pic - 3 Clean Room Actuators 

  • Most of the PHD products can be adapted to clean room applictions. Various sizes and models avialable

Pic - 4 Heavy Duty 3 Jaw Gripper

  • Designed for gripping various sizes
  • Provide high grip force and high momen loading capacity

Pic- 5 Volumetric Pump - Can be designed to fit most dispensing applications 

ANVER Corporation, USA

• ANVER’s Extensive Selection of High Quality Bottling Pick-Up Gripper Heads and Related Bottling Equipment Components are used on / interchangeable with all major lines of bottling systems including Krones® and Kettner® that are found in food, pharmaceutical & chemical industries and in most breweries such as soft drink, wine, spirits.

• Flat Vacuum suction cups are ideal for use with flat or slightly curved surfaces, on fast cycle transfer systems, used for horizontal or vertical lifting

• Single and Double Bellow Vacuum suction cups have greater ability to lift loads with uneven surfaces & irregular shapes and ideal for horizontal lifting

• The standard materials are Nitrile (NBR) and Translucent Silicone (SIT)

• ANVER offers wide range of specialty suction cups for handling Food & Bakery items

• Ring Vacuum Cups for handling Optical storage media such as CDs & DVDs

• Vacuum Suction cups are widely used in Paper & Printing

• ANVER’s full range of single cups, half ring or full ring cups and bellows are used in pick and place robotic arms

• ANVER also offers self-powered Mechanical Vacuum Lifters that can be fitted with a variety of Interchangeable Vacuum Pads and Vacuum Attachments used in a wide range of material handling applications. Various single and multiple pad configurations can be installed on most of their standard vacuum generators.