ArdeeSort is the second genre technology to complement RAMDARS. This along with the Ramdars technology provides complete dry beneficiation solution for coal, lignite, iron ore and manganese. Ramdars processes material above 50 mm size and ArdeeSort processes material below 50 mm size.


India faces the challenge of utilising low grade ore reserves, high energy, operation and production costs, water shortage and increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Coal dry beneficiation technology, ArdeeSort, is one such tool to achieve this and now an accepted viable alternative in Coal Industry to wet beneficiation for thermal grade coals and lignite.

ArdeeSort removes contaminants in coarser sizes (+6/13 mm) using Dual Energy X-ray Transmission Technology (DE-XRT) for identification of contaminants and pneumatic nozzle ejectors for removal of contaminants using compressed air. When the coal particles are subjected to X-rays, each particle is analysed for evaluation of the level of impurity. The impurities once identified, their positions are mapped and signals are sent to high speed pneumatic ejectors. The differentiation between a clean and reject coal is done on the basis of organic composition differentials. The impurities are then blown by an array of ejectors being activated simultaneously in a precisely-controlled fashion. NO WATER IS USED IN THE PROCESS.


  • Complete Dry Beneficiation  Solution For Coal And  Lignite
  • Process suitable for Indian and imported coal
  • Low Capital And Operating Costs
  • Performance Better Than Dense Media – No Tailings Or Effluents generated
  • No Water Required In Process
  • Compact – Minimal Space Required
  • Environment-Friendly
  • AERB-approved



  • 1.0 MPTA plant for treating low grade thermal coal using RAMDARS and Air jig technolog at Talcher, Odisha in 2008
  • 0.3 MTPA plant using RAMDARS and Rotary Breaker technology for removing pyrites from lignite in GHCL Ltd., Bhavnagar, Gujarat
  • 1.5 MTPA plant using ArdeeSort and Rotary Breaker technology for removing pyrites from lignite in GMDC Ltd. Bhavnagar Gujarat.
  • 1.5 MTPA plant using ArdeeSort for deshaling raw coking coal being commissioned in Madhuban, BCCL (a subsidiary of Coal India Ltd.)